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Real World Business Intelligence

Sales-Share cloud application is the art of lead cultivation. Sales-Share goes well beyond typical lead generation methods and uses advanced techniques to gather, analyze, filter and prioritize prospects. The result is focused, productive sales activities for lead sales teams to achieve maximum results.

Advantage of Knowledge Mining

Traditional online email services only provide an email campaign design, email list, sent, opened and click through results. Knowing only the email address limits your campaign approach and understanding of the prospect's true buying interest.

Sales-Share uses "Knowledge Mining" to accelerate your campaigns to the next level.

Revealing Prospects Complete Profile

Sales-Share removes the guess work and reveals the complete prospect profile, exploring beyond the email address.

Sales-Share reveals only prospect's profiles interested in your solution, closing the sales cycle.

Sales Share Campaign Strategy

Sales-Share campaigns target global market reach, defined best vertical markets, offering content rich multi-media, literature and presentations. Sales-Share captures all the prospects' online interest, creating a qualified prospect profile.

Sales-Share campaigns strategy begins with a solution or offering. Good Sales-Share campaign practices usually are product launches, announcements, invites, awareness offerings. The Sales-Share strategy presents opportunity solutions providing prospect engagement on a new level.

Sales-Share campaigns also include analytic tracking from QR codes/links, adverts/trade journals and online 3rd party banners.

Eblast Campaign Tactics

Sales-Share builds an email lead campaign profile to ensure best prospect results.

Eblast campaigns deliver supercharged messaging to continue the lead's journey into a media rich micro site that captures and tracks the prospects' interest.

Micro Site Analytic Activities

The Sale Share micro site quantifies a lead into the "Qualified Prospect" category. Once a lead arrives at your micro site, Sale Share captures and tracks the user's interest building an analytical prospect profile.

With this analytical prospect profile; Sales Share uses knowledge mining to match your solution offering to the most qualified prospect, shortening the sales cycle.

Sales Share micro site strategies are developed to incorporate vertical markets, specific product launches, and/or company awareness/offers.

Email Campaign Analytics

Sales-Share creates trend reports and forecast tools that enable executives and middle managers to make informed strategic business decisions.

  • Valuable insight to vital buying needs
  • Campaign measurement effectiveness
  • Knowledge mining defining "Qualified Prospects"
  • Online activities tracking analytics

Real-time Prospect Distribution

Sales-Share results are updated and electronically distributed globally in real-time to the sales team for immediate action and guidance. Additionally, a variety of formats and detail levels are available for sales and marketing management to evaluate and improve campaign effectiveness.

Sales-Share Strategic Applications Toolbox

The Sales-Share Toolbox is a collection of cloud applications that integrate and greatly enhance effectiveness of overall marketing sales.

The applications are optimized to produce the very best knowledge mining of collected data.

The result is powerful, easy to use tools that shorten the sales cycle.

  • Media Cloud

    Organize company email list, media assets and literature for campaign distribution.

  • Micro Site Development

    Tracks online activities and quantifies large amounts of prospect data points, providing analysis that reveals who are most interested in your offering.

  • eblast Campaign

    Create awareness strategies that engage qualified prospects.

  • Analytics

    Knowledge mining creates "Qualified Prospects" providing valuable insight to vital buying analytics.

  • Lead Generation

    Cultivate, mature and harvest the right prospects.

  • CRM Integration

    Import and export your existing company CRM into Sales-Share.